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What is Logic LQD.

LQD is an easy-to-use refillable vape that uses smart technology to make topping up quick and easy. The squeezy bottle design and extended nozzle help you refill without spilling any e-liquid.

  • Easy refillable tank Easy refillable tank
  • Range of nicotine strengths Range of nicotine strengths
  • Voltage control Voltage control
  • E-liquids manufactured in Europe E-liquids manufactured in Europe


Logic LQD e-liquids come in a range of nicotine strengths and 10 handpicked flavours. Find your favourite e-liquid from flavours including Blueberry, Citrus Mint, Tobacco and Vanilla.

lqd flavour bottles
Quality Tested
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Easy Return
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Squeezy Bottle.

The squeezy bottle design with extended nozzle helps you refill without spilling any e-liquid.

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Fast Charging.

Logic LQD 650mAh battery lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge. The device has an LED light to indicate the battery level it recharges, and will fully charge in under 2 hours.

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Logic LQD has a 1.7-1.9 ohm, easy to replace atomiser with a vertical coil. Replacement atomisers are available to purchase separately in packs of 3.


LQD's refillable tank can hold up to 2ml of e-liquid in the flavour of your choice. The tank has been specially designed for easy filling and has a silicone seal to prevent leaks.

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Variable voltage control means that you can customise your vaping experience to suit your preference.

Logic range.

We offer a variety of devices that are simple and easy to use. All of our products are tested to meet quality and safety standards required by European regulations and are backed by a team of researchers dedicated to creating a whole new vaping.

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